There’s no doubt about it: folks who follow The Pipe Cottage march to the beat of a different drum. The fact is not lost on me that traditional approaches to life, including pipe smoking, are not in the majority these days. I write this article as a way of expressing my admiration and appreciation for each person who decided to join me at Pipe Cottage Social after my decision to leave the main social media outlets. Rather than leaving social media entirely, which I certainly debated, I decided to do my own thing. Hence Pipe Cottage Social. 

So why do I think Pipe Cottage Social matters? As many of you know, I am not a modern man. What that simply means is that I do not believe in the substandard ideas of our time that teach we should accept any and all lifestyles and beliefs. American society, including the pipe smoking community, is suffering through this nonsensical woke revolution that seeks to destroy anything that resembles traditional standards and understandings of right and wrong. Before I left mainstream social media, Pipe Cottage content received more views and attention than 95 percent of anyone creating pipe and pipe tobacco related material. There’s a reason for that. I have never shied away from what I believe to be true and what I believe pipe smoking means in the larger context of a well-lived life. The tobacco pipe is a vehicle for meditation, reflection, thoughtful living, and even prayer. All of these things are desperately needed in our time, and desperately challenged by the woke crowd. 

It has come to my attention in recent days and weeks that a large portion of the American pipe smoking world despises me and my content. Most of this is happening behind my back, but I have noticed intense vitriol about my videos and articles, especially those that mention a traditional Christian approach to life and pipe smoking. Not unlike other conservatives and Christians in our society, I have been publicly accused of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance because of my stance against modern liberalism and my stand for the definition of truth as defined in the Scriptures. I say what I believe in my content, and I am not in the habit of “calling out” other presenters when I disagree with them. That said, others have made me aware of the large degree to which all things Pipe Cottage is being vilified among and throughout a liberal stream of “new age” pipe smoking enthusiasts. I no longer believe in a brotherhood of the leaf, as many have called it. I believe in traditional American culture, which is based in the teachings of Christ. As the Southern writer Richard Weaver once said, a culture can only survive if it is willing to defend itself against other cultures that resent it. 

It astounds me to think of the degree to which American businessmen, politicians, and influencers will remain silent on issues of tremendous importance for fear that what they say might be bad for business. Folks, if the leading voices of the Founding generation were willing to sacrifice their homes, income, peace, safety, and lives for the creation of this republic, then we must be willing to make sacrifices as well. The survival of the Constitution and the original intent of the Founders is in danger. And that danger is now touching each hobby, sport, career, community, and pastime in our nation. This includes pipe smoking. 

The Pipe Cottage will remain as a source of information, entertainment, and content for those who are devoted to the traditional, gentlemanly art of pipe smoking. Unfortunately, such content will probably not be welcome among the growing number of new pipe smokers, especially younger ones, simply because my approach to the pipe and its role as part of the good life is growing increasingly out of vogue. There’s much more to life than pipes and tobacco, but I do not invite any hobby into my life that does not compliment and promote a quality and cultured existence. This is not bigotry or hatred. This is living by a higher standard than is currently accepted by modern society. 

Thank you for your support of The Pipe Cottage. 

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  1. Steve Perkins Avatar

    Brother, I have found your site and channel as a recent pipe smoker, and I love it precisely because of the very aspects for which you are being attacked. I am conservative, American, academic, but first and foremost I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I look forward to getting to know you and others in this venue.

  2. Joey Riddle Avatar
    Joey Riddle

    I totally agree with you sir. I am so sick of this woke crap to where I could puke. The younger generation don’t even realize how wrong and upside down this world has become.

  3. cameron jones Avatar
    cameron jones

    Perch it,Amen🙏🏻❤️

  4. cameron jones Avatar
    cameron jones

    Perch it

  5. Mike and Linda Avatar
    Mike and Linda

    Alan, in keeping with the higher standard of your daily walk, a favorite quote we would like to share….”A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”. Thanks for helping us broaden our horizons in seeing the possible.

  6. John Smalley Avatar
    John Smalley

    If the world hates you, know it hated Me first. But I have overcome the world!! We live in the end times… others have thought they were living in the end times throughout history but I believe with all my heart that I will see the very end before I die a natural death. Praise be to Jesus for this marvelous experience!

  7. Matt Dodson Avatar
    Matt Dodson

    God bless brother.

    I appreciate your videos and the new social site. This is a dark time not only for our nation, but the world as a whole. We live in a world of darkness, but we are called to be light and share the light. Keep pressing forward!

  8. William Underwood Avatar
    William Underwood

    You have way more support than you will ever know. Thank you for taking a lead into a movement of God and Country and saving our nation and children. I know we are silenced in our society for being moral and honest.
    You have been a true inspiration from the first video I ever watched. Knowing you as a voice in America gives more Americans hope for the future.

    Love You Brother

  9. William Smith Avatar
    William Smith

    Your closing thoughts sum it up very well: “This is not bigotry or hatred. This is living by a higher standard than is currently accepted by modern society.”

    As a man in my late middle age years, with two young grandsons, the degradation of societal standards over the past 25 years or so is saddening, however the speed to which we have devolved in recent years has been amazing.

    A good essay worth reading if you haven’t already is The Fate of Empires by Sir John Glubb.

    Good luck, thank you and God bless.

  10. Marshall Buch Avatar
    Marshall Buch

    I often wonder, in the last few years, if this country is at the point of no return!?!?
    Alan, I find myself seeing you as an extreme personality, but then realize I appreciate your willingness to go to the line in the sand and hold your ground. I fight with the idea of being a Sinner in my own ways and feeling I shouldn’t judge or cast the first stone in fear of the good Lord putting me in my place. We now live in a world where anything goes. I find it hard to comment on others actions when I’m also one to stray from strict Christian principals from time to time. Judgement of others is a tricky issue in which I struggle. How do we get back to the sound moral days of the past? I don’t know. I truly believe technology has been a big part of the moral decline of this country along with many other factors. Life is a challenge in the way of staying true to God’s way! I appreciate you, Alan and hope you find true success in you new format. I enjoy your thoughts on life and respect you greatly! Stay true and love others at the same time. God bless you Alan!

  11. John Avatar

    I would only disagree with one thing.

    I think this swing to the left is creating a next generation that is so far right 1950 will look left leaning. Take hope, we will be persecuted but like David we will conquer. Modern “churches” are dieing. Prideful people are not looking to be saved. Look at the rise in patriarchy, trad wife movement. The whole world is moving right. Most elections in Europe are going patriot. Look at Italy, G Meloni is conservative and the most popular prime minister in the EU.

    Have hope. Many of us are bringing wife’s and kids home. For me it is pre Vatican 2 Latin mass every Sunday and we are stepping out of all things that don’t support our values. My kids will know the civil war as mr. Foote saw it. Thanks for your good work. Looking forward to many more good pipes with my good Dr H

  12. Kerry Mayes Avatar
    Kerry Mayes

    Thank you for keeping the faith. I very much enjoy and agree with your views and comments on our faith and lifestyle. My teenage sons and I watch you and “Dry Creek Dewayne”, then sit around a fire and discuss our take aways. Keep up the good work!

  13. Gareth Hampton Avatar
    Gareth Hampton

    Wow. I have not noticed any negative comments regarding your content. I guess that the part of the YTPC that I’ve found myself “hanging out with” is the part that has generally like-minded views as we do here. While I had heard that there was this growing “hipster” or “new age” pipe community growing, I really hadn’t run into it much at all. I have to say that I agree with probably 98% percent of what you have to say. And usually that other 2% pretty much just comes down to the differences between Protestant and Catholic theology. But we are in a war for our culture and our civilization. And, “When a maniac is at the door, feuding brothers reconcile.”

  14. Ronnie Avatar

    Amen Brother ? I sure am glad that I somehow got registered on here. I’m not good at all with a computer and wasn’t sure that I got accepted.
    Thanks for being a spokesman for the Old Southern Ways! God Bless You and Yours!?

  15. Frank Katsaros Avatar
    Frank Katsaros

    Love this group. Keep piping, Alan. A true gentleman.

  16. Dominic A. Avatar
    Dominic A.

    Fellow believer and piper here. I’ve always enjoyed your content; both on piping, and a more traditional lifestyle. Thanks.

  17. Dave Avatar

    “These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; for I have overcome the world.” – The Master in John 16.

    Yes, things are bad, and they will likely get worse…..before they get better. But we, as brothers can stand together and shine as lights in a dark world, and the light will attract many out of the darkness.
    I applaud you for making a stand, for holding your ground under pressure, and for trusting in God instead of in man. There is a remnant and we will not be shaken.
    Hold tight to the truth, and clench easy on your pipe.

  18. Piper's Dad Avatar
    Piper’s Dad

    What I have appreciated most about your content is that the centrality of messages have really not about the pipe at all, It’s similar to how Dewayne at Dry Creek most always has a pipe or cigar, but his content not about tobacco, or horses for that matter. Rather, those things are accoutrements that punctuate the thoughtfulness of the message. I find that your paradigm and worldviews are very similar to mine – religion, homesteading, conservatism, pipes – what you often refer to as “the old way”. These messages are being increasingly flagged, demonetized and buried by the algorithms, so your decision to leave on your terms was brilliant. I understand you may have shortened your reach, but I believe that those who are meant to find you will. Like the man said, “if you build it, they will come”. I am not leaving social media, as I have somehow managed to avoid it in the first place, so I’m not sure how active I’ll be on Pipe Cottage Social part of this initiative, but I will certainly continue to watch your videos here as often as you post them.

  19. Daniel Jones Avatar
    Daniel Jones

    Keep shining as a a light in this crooked and perverse generation. I stand with you Alen! Thank you for all you do. Dan

  20. Gail Andrews Avatar
    Gail Andrews

    I’m an older woman and I do not smoke a pipe. I stumbled upon a conversation between yourself an Mr. Noel one day while surfing. It got my attention. I found the interaction between and Mr Noel to be enjoyable, enlightening, and informative. No expletives deleted. You both are such gentleman and it’s greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. And congrats to you for Thank you,
    Sincerely, Gia

  21. Frank Avatar

    You know the world is tyrannical when truth becomes a novelty. Because your words are expressing true and authentic American/Western cultural values, it seems to me that you would want to be able to reach as many people as possible. So would it not be beneficial to have as large of a reach as possible even if meant having to put up with YouTube’s policies? This is why I disagree with your decision to leave all social media. Even though YouTube’s algorithms mistreat, sensor, and suppress content creators with your values and opinions, It seems that you’re words would have a greater affect on modern society on a global scale if you also posted your videos on YouTube and Rumble.

    I hope you will reconsider your stance on this issue because the world needs to hear more people like yourself who are pushing back, in an articulate and logical manner (as opposed to an emotional one) on this cancer called Cultural Marxism that has infected every aspect of modern life.

  22. Jeff Barton Avatar
    Jeff Barton

    Well said! There is a growing community of YouTubers who feel exactly as you do.
    We fear the traditional morals and wisdom of our ancestors is being destroyed by this current stream of egotistical ignorance and insanity.
    I pray the growing tide of rebellion against these evils will win out in the end.

  23. Steve Avatar

    Amen! I may be called a “Brother of the leaf”, of the pipe, as a firefighter, and a Mason, but I am first and foremost a child of God! I try to put Christ first in everything I do. Your videos seem to help me in the journey. Thank you for your positive influence!

  24. Kevin Walker Avatar
    Kevin Walker

    I wish that I knew who these YouTubers are that have attacked you, so I can make sure that I’m not subscribed to their channels.

  25. BulldogRower Avatar

    Amen brother. It is past time that those who truly care about this great nation stand up for what is good and right before all is lost.

  26. Ryan Hall Avatar
    Ryan Hall

    A part of me wants to disagree with you as I am contrary by nature, but I really can’t find any particular point with which I disagree. I have not really seen that much vitriol directed at you, but I am sure it is there. I guess I haven’t really looked for it. I don’t really peruse that much social media because it’s largely a human sewer.

    That having been said, I hope you have contingency plans for alternate servers in the case they come after you and deplatform your site here just because they hate you. I think that might be coming. Web hosting platforms love to virtue signal.

    I think you might have hit on a topic of interest that you should mine for future videos. There are certainly many here like myself who view themselves not so much as Conservatives in the Neo-Con sense but as traditional folks who see the value in traditional ways.

    By that I don’t just mean the political sphere. I mean traditional crafts and skills. I know I have taught myself to weave baskets, make traditional sausage, and all manner of skills modern man has forgotten how to do. I realize this is primarily a pipe based thing, but I think you could do some interesting videos on traditional skills. Just a thought.

    1. The Pipe Cottage Avatar

      One of the criticisms of others is that the pipe cottage should remain pipe centric without venturing into other topics. Well, I disagree with that and will continue to talk about any topic that matters to me. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  27. Jeffrey Pietrzak Avatar
    Jeffrey Pietrzak

    You are absolutely right! This country [ and world ] has been taken over by Satan. The damage that has been done in just 2 1/2 yrs is unbelievable! Pipe smoking is just a minor thing that could be in jeopardy. Our whole Christian way of life could be gone. If there is any time that Christian people need to stand together, it’s NOW! Stand behind the constitution or it won’t be there to stand behind! Who will come and save us once America is gone?! From one pipe smoker to another, keep up the good work! Jeff

  28. Scott Conger Avatar

    I could not agree more, well said and great video, thank you ?? .

  29. Michael Clemmons Avatar
    Michael Clemmons

    Being ostracized and ridiculed by a degenerate culture is an earmark of virtue. I personally am happy to be with you living apart from the degenerates.

  30. Darryl Weart Avatar
    Darryl Weart

    Dr. Harrelson I believe you have just hit the ten ring of the target of which I believe . I solidly agree with every word you have just spoken in your video with all my heart & soul.
    I for one am proud that you are will stand up for your values no matter what others are saying (behind your back) . I am proud to be a member of Pipe Cottage & will continue to support you & your new adventure .
    God bless and all the best.
    Darryl Weart
    From the disintegrating / shameful state of California.

  31. Philip Triplett Avatar
    Philip Triplett

    Tolerance is a word misused in the church today in my opinion. While we are to love our neighbor and disciple to the world around us, we are not to tolerate, or in any way be accepting of, sin. If Yahweh was accepting or tolerant of sin there would have been no need for Christ. Yet we preach Christ crucified for the redemption of those whom the father has given to him. There can be no sin in the presence of a Holy God and there is only one way we can be made right to stand before Him. I think there is a severe deficiency within the church today on the emphasis of the holiness of God and what that means.
    Continue unashamed in your efforts. We will continue with you. “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.” Let it be said of every Christian that we have been accused of turning the world upside down.

    1. The Pipe Cottage Avatar

      Right. Tolerance is a meaningless word now.

  32. Macker Avatar

    Many people today are not able to accept ground thoughts and moral ideas and must vilify the speaker. Stay true and be blessed.

  33. Brooks Wilson Avatar
    Brooks Wilson

    Absolutely wonderful every word spoken in truth.

  34. David Penrod Avatar
    David Penrod

    We live in a world that belongs to the prince of darkness, Satan. They may call this new movement WOKE, but I’ll call it for what it is; Satan at his finest, destroying each an every soul he can touch.
    I am a Christ following, bible believing Christian and I highly approve of your channel.
    I stand behind you and pray for you and this nation.
    God Bless

  35. Dan Amend Avatar
    Dan Amend

    Who in the Sam hell would want to endure “new age” pipe content?

    That would be torture.

    1. The Pipe Cottage Avatar

      I agree, but it’s a thing.

  36. Jody Wolfe Avatar
    Jody Wolfe

    I agree wholeheartedly and proudly stand with you! Satan is working OT as he knows he and his followers are near the end…

  37. Montana Piper Avatar
    Montana Piper

    I am so glad I joined the pipe cottage community
    I compliment you on your integrity and devotion to our Lord and His word!

  38. Montana Piper Avatar
    Montana Piper

    I am so glad I joined the pipe cottage community
    I compliment you on your integrity and devotion to our Lord and His word!
    I was sad to see you leave the UTUBE video venue but understand you doing so
    I look forward to your future videos here and all the other interesting content!

  39. Montana Piper Avatar
    Montana Piper

    I am so glad I joined the pipe cottage community
    I compliment you on your integrity and devotion to our Lord and His word!
    I was sad to see you leave the UTUBE video venue but understand you doing so
    I look forward to your future videos here and all the other interesting content!

  40. Terry McAtee Avatar
    Terry McAtee

    God bless you for staying true and steady. The state of the world is very concerning. Humanity is charting a faltering path.

  41. Doyle Carter Avatar
    Doyle Carter

    Well said Friend! I completely agree. Thank you Sir!

  42. David Soderberg Avatar
    David Soderberg

    Amen Sir, I agree with you and your solid core beliefs. I’m old school in my ways or better stated, I’m a traditionalist in the gentlemen’s ways. I work hard, take care of my family and raise my children to be the same. My faith is my rock and I live by the Golden Rule. It is my privilege to be a part of this community. ~Dave

    1. The Pipe Cottage Avatar

      Thanks for your support, Dave.

  43. Joshua Hill Avatar
    Joshua Hill

    Your content is welcome and should be shared, as we all know this world is far from heading in the right direction as proven evidence is displayed by people in power. Also those people who believe that social media is there for them to give there uneducated point of view, and disagree with anyone or anything that offends them, or doesn’t suit their woke ideology. “you know who I’m talking about “
    Unfortunately as you know a world without the moral law of God in it constitutional governing is a world in decline.
    The one thing we all should do is to keep calling out these nonsensical ideals that are trying to be forced down our throats. We all need to remember that God is ultimately in control. Not these political puppets of the Left.
    Just enjoying a bowl of Ducquer & Sons Loch Ness on this pleasant Sunday morning in Oz.
    Kind Regards
    Joshua Hill
    PS. Keep up the push back.
    Common sense will prevail.

  44. John Fish Avatar
    John Fish

    I had my wife listen to you tonight. She said “I could listen to him all day “. And said he sounds like your Civil War guy. That “guy” is Shelby Foote. You keep making content and open a store. Indiana isn’t that far to drive! God bless you and your.

    1. The Pipe Cottage Avatar

      To sit down to a bowl of tobacco with Mr. Foote must have been quite memorable. Wish we still had the chance.

  45. Dan Avatar

    I understand why you might feel that the next generation of pipe smokers might not like your approach, but I feel you may have thrown the baby out with the bath water. A relatively new pipe smoker myself at age 50ish, I know of several new pipe smokers in their early 20s that follow your YouTube channel with regularity. I understand the need and desire to prune things out that are not productive, I hope you change your mind on the decision to remove yourself and your videos from YouTube.
    There are other channels that I follow that also post content that YouTube does not appreciate. Often such channels will have a portion of a video on YouTube with a lead-in to something on a separate communication vector such as gab, rumble, or some other social media platform such as the one you have created. This allows them to maintain their presence to draw in new individuals without maintaining the level of restrictions that YouTube places on the content.
    Now understand, I fully comprehend the need to prune things out from time to time and focus on what is really working. I just appreciate your content and would like to see you stop focusing on the naysayers and instead focus on the people who are there looking forward to your videos, listening to what you have to share, and who may be influenced in a positive way that may not be possible if you are not available on those platforms. I didn’t know that people were negative about your videos, and quite frankly I don’t care. When I so seed I am not given the responsibility to stop sewing amongst the rocks, but rather I keep sowing seed.

    I pray that whatever you do, you don’t allow yourself to focus on the Stony ground, but rather recognize that some of what you say will fall on good ground.

    Blessings from a fellow Christian, a brother in Christ, who happens to also enjoy the pipe!

    1. The Pipe Cottage Avatar

      To remove the material from YouTube was a difficult decision. I’m aware that the reach would have been different and more wide ranging. This is not to say I will never go back to it, only that I needed space away from it at this time. Thank you for the comment.

  46. Michael D Tolbert Avatar
    Michael D Tolbert

    Great truthful content as always Brother. Well said, and as usual … you are right !! I just turned 58 y/o and have always said that I was born “out of time”. You being several years the younger, I can only imagine how you feel. There is a true brotherhood of the leaf, but we must remember what a “brother” is. God Bless you and your family.

  47. Bradley Keough Avatar
    Bradley Keough

    Outstanding video and I agree with you 110%, keep up the good work!

  48. Christopher Burch Avatar
    Christopher Burch

    Professor you’re the George Patton of pipe smoking and the followers of the Pipe Cottage are your troops in my decision I will go to Hell and back with you long live the Republic stay strong brother.??

  49. Brian Wilson Avatar
    Brian Wilson

    Very much agree here, Alan. I considered myself liberal for many years, but what passes as such these days is not the liberalism I represented. The ideas being presented under that heading are more fascist these days than anything. I’m glad to have found your videos and your work, and proud to stand alongside someone who’s not afraid to speak the truth.

  50. Ralph Mcculley Avatar
    Ralph Mcculley

    God bless you and your family. I left a few pipe smoking groups because of the promotion of drag queens , transgenderism and lastly satanism. I will get banned from a group for saying I love Christ, our Lord and Savior, but others are praising Lucifer (in the word) and nothing gets said or done about it. Our hobby/lifestyle has been molested by these evil ungodly people. I’m glad we have a place we can go (your site) and not be afraid of nonsense.

  51. Willie Lee Kersey Jr Avatar
    Willie Lee Kersey Jr

    Awesome. I agree with you on this matter. Thanks again for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing group and platform.

  52. Dennis Albers Avatar
    Dennis Albers

    Excellent video sir!

  53. Rick Avatar

    Alan I admire the stance you have taken. And I am in 100% agreement with you. The current world view is completely out of line with any sense of a normal life, let alone, one based in Scripture.
    Carry on

  54. Panos Lampros Avatar
    Panos Lampros

    “The moment a person justifies the unjustifiable, he is separated from God. There is no stronger barrier to the grace of God than excuses”
    Saint Paisios Of Mount Athos
    Alan, thank you for what you do. Be patient,humble and strong. Remember to celebrate the things we love about the pipe and teach and share with others.
    Blessings to you and your family.
    Panos Lampros

  55. Terence W Harned Avatar
    Terence W Harned

    I truly feel our country is under attack. Not by soldiers or weapons. But by undermining our ethical and virtuous way of life. If someone was going to take over a country they could first get people to hate their country and vilify it’s history and historical figures. Then de-masculate the men who will be the ones who would defend the country and masculate the women who cannot truly be men. Introduce vile and sinful ways of living. Destroy the family unit. Cause division and civil unrest and maybe even civil war. Promote drug and alcohol use. Get rid of Christian religion which fosters hope and strength and unity. Sung Tzu’s The Art Of War describes this very thing.
    Now they are going after our children to brainwash them into their doctrine.
    We know this was all written long ago that this would happen. This is the precursor of the coming of the King. Keep the faith. Stay the coarse. Keep your eye on the prize. Pray constantly. Pray to be the vessels our King so desperately needs.

  56. Ken Szymanski. MmBrooks Wilson Avatar
    Ken Szymanski. MmBrooks Wilson

    Amen brother

  57. Brooks Wilson Avatar
    Brooks Wilson

    Keep the pipe cottage alive. To the devil with those that fault you.

    1. The Pipe Cottage Avatar

      Oh it’s more alive now than ever!

  58. Brian Fitzgerald Avatar
    Brian Fitzgerald

    Please keep doing what you are doing. Stay to your guns. You are a breath of fresh air in this crazy, immoral world. Stay to your old world Christian values.

  59. Daniel Papp Avatar
    Daniel Papp

    I appreciate your words and sentiment, Allen…I’m with you, 110%. Are constitution and republic has been under assault for some time…I want nothing to do with WOKE America.

  60. Buck Fredricksen Avatar
    Buck Fredricksen

    Here, here!!! Well said!

  61. Edd MacDonald Avatar
    Edd MacDonald

    Once, again, my wife and I whole-heartedly support your approach to life, society and, of course, to pipe smoking. There will always be fewer good people trying to uphold sacred and noble virtues and traditions. Let the curs yelp.

  62. George Bruno Avatar

    Always a good discussion with The Pipe Cottage. Here, you will gain an audience with genuine desire for your teaching. For some, their social constructs, are more important than the briar and dark leaf. I am happy to be here. Lukewarm pipe videos are boring. I like’em piping hot or trainwreck cold. Keep up the great work Dr Alan Harrelson. You have a gift.

    1. BankerJohn Avatar

      As do you Sultan. As do you!

    2. BulldogRower Avatar

      As do you Sultan. As do you!

    3. The Pipe Cottage Avatar

      Appreciate the kind words, George.

  63. John Newton Avatar
    John Newton

    I agree with you 100%! And a true American way of life is under attack on every side. I am sorry that you are being attacked. However, when somebody is doing anything right they will be attacked for it. That’s how you know that you are on the right track. God bless you and your wonderful family. Keep on doing what you were doing. There are a lot of us out there that are still totally upset with this demonic culture that we’re living in. I truly think that our country is under judgment. Just know I am in full agreement with almost everything you’ve said.

  64. John Attwood Avatar
    John Attwood

    I thank you for your boldness. As a fellow believer all the way out in the epicenter of the woke agenda, Southern California, I am grateful for your commitment to Truth. Truth stands outside of our emotions and whims. The truth burns brightly in your heart and your reason, and I am grateful that your sharing of it lights the torch in mine. In the end, Jesus wins! In the meantime, I join you in staying focused on Him and leading my family and others to do the same. May the Lord bless you and keep you, brother.

  65. Dave Hale Avatar
    Dave Hale

    I very much agree with you Alan, and am proud to be a part of this community. Dave

  66. Myke Caldwell Avatar
    Myke Caldwell

    Thanks for the video. I support you 100% and your beliefs and ideas. It’s sad that you do not believe in the brotherhood of the leaf and longer, but I get it, I have the same feeling about my line of work these days in law enforcement. Like you have mentioned, the world is upside down and it is heartbreaking. I try to talk to kids while working, and now I get responded with, ” we don’t talk to the police” as early as 7yo children. Keep up the positive messages and hopefully soon you can pick back up on the books videos. No matter how hard to try, remember someone is always going to hate, and normally it is out of jealousy. Take care. With support and respect from Virginia….. Myke

  67. Frank Avatar

    You have my support. I am a traditionalist and it pains me to see where we are as a society.

  68. Ron Atwater Avatar
    Ron Atwater

    I may not agree with every comment you express. I do support your right as an American to express all that that you hold true. All without the viperous attacks you say have come your way. I have enjoyed every video you have made.
    Lots of Support

    1. The Pipe Cottage Avatar

      Thanks for being here, Ron.

  69. Dale Lewis Avatar
    Dale Lewis

    Amen, I have come to enjoy your thought and approach to life in a ever growing anti God world. Thankyou for what you are doing being a voice in this world. I look forward to more of your content.

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