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6 responses to “Talking Pipes with Eddie Gray from The Pipe Nook”

  1. Curt Avatar

    Great video… I hope you make more videos together in the future.

  2. Montana Piper Avatar
    Montana Piper

    This was very enjoyable to watch. Two honest gentleman discussing one of my favorite topics. Thanks for your efforts.
    Ya know another fine interview would be with Muttonchop, He is another one of my favorites. Thanks for the fine content.

  3. Fletcher- Pipe Viking Avatar

    I am a big fan of Eddie and the Pipe Nook. I have had the privilege of spending some quality time with man and have bought some really nice pipes from him. A consumate gentleman!

  4. Eddie Gray Avatar

    I had a blast making this video and talking with you, Alan! We’ll have to make a companion video on my channel sometime soon!

  5. Bill Dluzniewski Avatar
    Bill Dluzniewski

    Great to see 2 of my favorite pipe people “chewing the fat” together. I also would like to see more about meerschaum . I just used my new addition from Eddie with the 9mm filter and was very pleased with it. I am sold on 9mm filters. Both of you keep up the good work, I eagerly keep looking each day for new content from you both.
    Bill Dluzniewski
    Barnegat, N.J.

  6. Jason Avatar

    I was so jazzed to see this come up! I just ordered a new pipe from Eddie, a Savinelli 622 KS Roma Lucite in 9mm, and jar of Briarworks Country Lawyer. I’m just waiting for them to be delivered. Thank you both for the time, it was great to hear you both converse.

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