3 responses to “Books and pipes: wendell berry”

  1. Jeremiah Davis Avatar
    Jeremiah Davis

    Wonderful video about one of my favorite living writers. People need to read more Berry! Hopefully, this video encourages people to do so.

  2. Jody Horner Avatar
    Jody Horner

    You are one of a few inspirational and motivational friends I have to share my time with on an evening. I am better disciplined by pondering and heeding your counsel.
    Comforted in the knowledge that great men still exist.

    I’ve ordered one of Wendell Berry’s Sabbath poems collections on Amazon.


  3. Roger Lovitt Jr Avatar
    Roger Lovitt Jr

    I’m very happy to find this site and have enjoyed many of the videos you have on YouTube. I have the same views on the way our world is shaping up. Thanks again for this site

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