2 responses to “Pipes and Philosophy: A Visit With Dry Creek Wrangler”

  1. Gary Bryant Avatar
    Gary Bryant

    A very enjoyable time, listening to the two of you. I’m a much older fella, who’s deep friends, I had, have passed on. So, sitting out, under full moon and enjoying you’lls chat, with a fine cigar, has made a magnificent ending too this day.
    Thank you & Bless you..

  2. Jody Horner Avatar
    Jody Horner

    This for me is your best video.

    I believe so strongly in me to live a life of self mastery. In control of my emotions than being controlled by your emotions. Self discipline and sobriety (other than a glass of whisky before bed.

    For me to live an honourable life, comfortable with my conscience before Christ, I need to be inspired and motivated daily by the best of men, living by example.

    I am far more disciplined and a better man from watching your content, pondering it over a pipe and putting what I’ve learnt in to action.

    The pipe plays its part but it’s your world view that is the most powerful.

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