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  1. Michael Jennings Avatar
    Michael Jennings

    You mentioned all of the pipes shows that you went to and purchased pipes. How can I find out about pipes shows. I have been looking online in my area in Georgia and have not found any. Any suggestions you or other members have would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Len in Raleigh NC Avatar
    Len in Raleigh NC

    To make your silver work shine for years,never having to polish again, try a light clear coat of Golden Paints MSA “hard “ thinned with a tiny amount of mineral spirits so it flows slightly and a fine model makers brush .
    Buy the smallest tin, a little goes a long way.
    Available in art supply shops or direct from Golden Paints.com
    You can call them and see if you can just buy a wee sample bottle?

    Coat the entire metal band evenly and let sit 2 days.

    Do a mock up on some old silver butter knife say, before deciding the resultant is pleasing because it cannot be removed ever.
    Other silver lacquers like “Syncrylac” rainbow eventually , but not this one.
    Museum conservator

  3. disgruntled Avatar

    That pipe mat is interesting. Do you recall who made it?

  4. Sam Avatar

    Great video thanks for sharing. It does a great job of shoeing the different brands and styles that are available out there. Also does an excellent job of showing what canbe found on the Estate market.

  5. MDS Avatar

    Great collection Alan, thanks for sharing.

    Forgive me if you have explained the following already. I may be a bit primitive in my pipe smoking as I have a couple of pipes and just randomly grab one to smoke the tobacco of the day. Would you discuss the strategies involved in matching pipes and particular tobaccos? Do the physical characteristics of different pipes coordinate differently with blends? Do you restrict the use of each pipe to a particular blend?

    I would like to hear from Alan and anyone else with thoughts on the subject. Thank you.

  6. Ralph Mcculley Avatar
    Ralph Mcculley

    Very nice collection Sir. I’d say most of my collection are estate pipes, from the early 1940s to late 1980s. 95% of my collection are estates. The other 5% are gifts from my wife and son. My son buys me a pipe every Christmas and birthday, Father’s day my wife gets me a pipe along with tobacco. My newer pipes are Savinelli, Rossi’s and a Peterson. Most of my pipes are vintage Kaywoodies and Dr. Grabows and other Sparta pipes, like Willards and Smokemaster. I also have some that went to war in WW2 and Vietnam. Something about smoking an estate, knowing the history behind them.

  7. Greywolf73 Avatar

    You sure do like a sandblast pipe!
    Beautiful collection so far!
    Fun to see what pipes others have…I am particular to bent pipes myself. I like the way they feel when I clench them.
    Look forward to the next installment!

  8. Darryl Weart Avatar
    Darryl Weart

    Just love your collection of pipes & why you bought & like them. But the best part is your explanation of the pipes grain, feel and how they smoke.
    I really enjoy comments and look forward to Part #2.

  9. Paul L Hildebrand Avatar
    Paul L Hildebrand

    Thank you for sharing your pipes. Looking foreword to the rest!

  10. Dave Soderberg Avatar
    Dave Soderberg

    Enjoyed seeing your pipe collection and looking forward to Part 2!

  11. William Avatar

    Thanks, Alan, for the video as always.
    I currently have about 12 pipes, but I find myself only smoking 3 of them regularly (Vauen Fuji 4201, Big Ben Souvereign, and my Charles Towne Cobbler Corn Cob). Now on the tobacco note, I have well over 100 tins (most are limited editions). I’m not allowed to buy anymore tobacco for a while per the wife. lol. My taste changes from time to time, but for the past year I have really been enjoying either Mac Baren Navy flake, Escudo, and Missouri Meerschaum Orchard Mist. I guess I have Pipe/Tobacco Acquisition Disorder. lol

  12. Dave Hale Avatar
    Dave Hale

    Hey Alan, thank you for creating this site and not just leaving. Enjoyed the sampling of your collection. Love the idea that you are free to be and say what you want in here. Dave

  13. Steve Koutros Avatar
    Steve Koutros

    Lovely. Thank you for sharing.
    1. I learned 2 new pipe makers that I have added to my wish list; Northern Briar and GBD.
    2. I’ve always wanted a sea rock pot briar from Castello…lovely. The smooth finish with sandblast crown on the bowl is perfect as well
    3. Estate pipes are a fantastic value and treasure. I gain great pleasure by keeping my pipes clean and cared for.
    4. I highly recommend Hagerty’s Silver Duster cloth (readily available online). It cleans all those precious bits on my pipes. I’m sure Dante would appreciate it. It is quick, easy, has no messy liquids, large enough to last most of a lifetime. Yes, polish lasts longer but the mess it would potentially leave behind vs. the no muss, no fuss duster.

  14. Brooks Wilson Avatar
    Brooks Wilson

    Enjoyed this review ?

  15. Dennis Albers Avatar
    Dennis Albers

    Great video! Love the new site.

  16. Allen Blackford Avatar
    Allen Blackford

    Quite a collection! I, too, am always interested in the history of a quality item, such as a pipe. And consider that I am carrying on and adding to that pipes history every time I light it.

  17. Ben Avatar

    Hi Alan, thanks for the video. Where do you get the cool replaceable pipe stems for the cobs? The one in the thumbnail of your Malcolm Guite interview is very nice.

  18. Paul M Avatar
    Paul M

    Great collection and great video. Particularly liked that reddish Peterson 87. Might have to pick me up one of those when the bank balance permits…

  19. Mike O’Loughlin Avatar
    Mike O’Loughlin

    All fine pipes. I was curious about the large leather pipe rack they were in. I’ve seen some but none that big. Thanks for the show & tell.

  20. Charles D Dennis Avatar
    Charles D Dennis

    I enjoyed your sharing of your collection or as you said the start of sharing. I’m pleased you give a new home to old pipes. I can only shake my head thinking of many fine old pipes which have met an inglorious end in a garbage can.

  21. Patrick mc erlean Avatar
    Patrick mc erlean

    Patrick from Ireland
    Wonderful, very enjoyable to see your pipe collection having some fantastic weather here in Ireland. I think I have probably made the best hey I ever made God bless

  22. James Hinze Avatar
    James Hinze

    Very interesting collection of pipes. I can’t wait to view the rest of your collection.

  23. Christopher Burch Avatar
    Christopher Burch

    What a great collection of pipes Professor thank you for sharing them with us lookin forward to viewing the remaining collection stay strong brother.

  24. Willie Lee Kersey Jr Avatar
    Willie Lee Kersey Jr

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing others pipe collections.

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