2 responses to “America 2023: A World Turned Upside Down”

  1. Dan Avatar

    America has lost her way Alan, even many of our churches have become seeker friendly. Its a rarity when they teach old fashion fire and brimstone and the cost of sin. I pray we find our way again. But my Bible says that there IS a price to pay, what will ours be? My hope is that it also says that IF my people will turn from their wickedness, I will heal their land…

    Keep it up Alan, you may be on to something…

  2. Stuart Fracht Avatar
    Stuart Fracht

    Allen so glad to see you have not just given up on social media. I have always enjoyed listening to your commentary and happy to see you continue your endeavors here. It does seem in this day and age what was always considered good is now bad and what was bad is considered good, truly as you say a world turned upside down. Television has now become so full of disrespect for moral principle that its almost worthless as entertainment and your time is better spent with a good book and a pipe. God bless you and yours, I will always continue to enjoy your views on life lived with a conservative approach to right and wrong based on a biblical approach. Hopefully we will not loose the liberties that allow us this basic right.

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